The inception of the ORE MOB has commenced and the initial ORES 30 Drop was sold out within minutes, as were the ORE Demon Drop, the ORE 100 Drop and the ORE 111 Drop. The next chapters of the ORE MOB can be found below and will accompanied in the Discord.
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01 ORES 30 DROP Okt/06/21
Inception of the ORES. First 30 ORE Token Characters go on sale. Incentive is the further Pre-Sale access for the November drop with over ORE 100 DROP. Each Token gives access to two additional NFT Mints.
02 GIVEAWAYS Drop Nov/07/21
ORE ORE ORE - Merch giveaway 48 Hour with 2 OG ORE Shirts.
03 Holders AIRDROP Nov/10/21
Joel Madden & Holders Appreciation
04 ORES 100 DROP Nov/15/21
One limited ORE NFT (No Airdrop Admissions) gives two reserved opportunities to buy into the 48 hours presale.
05 ORES DEMON DROP Dec/21/21
A very special drop.
06 ORE 111 DROP & BURNER PHONES Jan/26/22 — Jan/28/22
Burner phones will give you direct access to the MOB.
07 10k ORE PFP Avatar Project COMING SOON
ORE PFP avatar project with 10k items.
08 ORE “lets get phygital”
The ORES Roadmap will cross into everything. 2D, 3D, WEARABLES, EXHIBITIONS, COLLECTIBLES. There is no limit to what this community can achieve together.
Burner Phones
Your key to the ORE MOB syndicate

The burner phones will give you exclusive MOB access to the pre-sale of the 10,000 ORE PFP Avatar drop as well as MOB gang rights. It's like having an OG on steroids with access to special rarities and secret drops, which nobody else gets.

Once you are part of the ORE MOB, you are in it for life! If you try to sell your phone, it will not yield profit as it has 100% royalties attached. We'll take it out of the loop, so it won't work and loses all its benefits. So don't even think of crossing the MOB. On the opposite, play an active part and you might get promoted!

The MOB will contact you through your phone with secret messages, popping up on your phone's display. Additionally, there will be a chapter segment on the website you can visit and checkin to see if there are news.

All info about the minting process of the burner phones can be found in the F.A.Q.
The non player characters in the ORE MOB syndicate can be met only via a Burner Phone.

"AKA" the faceless supply manager was the first NPC to appear, and OG holder with a burner phone were able to interact with him.

Getting perks for the limited MOB Apparel and on top an Airdrop. We heard that selling the "AKA" Airdrop card is possible but you would abandon any contact to "AKA", who could reappear with future supply. So choose wisely.
Disclaimer: You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for determining the nature, potential value, suitability and appropriateness when buying NFT’s for yourself.